Monday, 19 April 2010

Volcano fun?

Last week I faced one of my biggest fears by flying, granted it was only like 40 minutes to Amsterdam but still, it was over sea and everything. madness!
I had a pretty wonderful week apart from a few rather annoying hiccups like the airline wrongly booking my flight then changing me a fucking shit-ton to change their mistake and the tiny miniscule fucking VOLCANO EXPLODING.
Yes I got stuck in Amsterdam (which as a pretty sweet place to be stuck in I guess) but I had to be back, which prompted a rather epic trip across Europe accompanied by some good friends and nice weather, and it ended up being rather special.
Amsterdam is a beautiful city with some wonderful people and amazing places to visit so I thought I'd share some photos I took. Sifting out the Jedi.

This was in France, it was beautiful.

This is two of my good friends John and Jenny.

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