Thursday, 29 April 2010

Iraq war.

This is some work I did for a project where we had to make a politically themed bag and hat. Now this sort of thing really isn't my bag (forgive me), so I really had to think hard about how to go about it. I knew that I wanted to do something which questioned the legality of the war in Iraq but I didn't know how to translate this in to a bag, or hat. In the end I have created a bag shaped like a bomb with some screen printed type on it and a sack (similar to the ones I'm sure we're all familiar with seeing on prisoners on the news etc) also with screen printed type on it.
The idea with what I wrote was to evoke some sort of reaction from the viewer.

Thankyou to the lovely Annie Pendlebury-Beal for modeling them for my in a rainy, fly filled park.


  1. I like it Josh.
    Now, where's the pics of this bike?

  2. Will definitely be getting some photos up when I'm back home. It's a right bird though!

  3. really really really like these

  4. really really really like these